Seattle meteorologists stealing a public sanity trick from Canadians?

Seattle is in the midst of another week-plus streak of 80 degree temperatures -- the second time this summer with much of August still tied behind our back.

While there are some sun fans who love the 80s and are basking in this somewhat rare extended warm pattern, there are a vast population of long-time locals -- especially those without air conditioning -- who are longing for the days when we could see a marine cloud in the morning and a '7' on the high temperature (no, not counting when it's "87").

While a few days in the 80s are routine in our summers -- we average 10 at 85 or warmer a year, going this long -- and this often -- into the 80s is not. And thus computer forecast models -- and admittedly the local meteorologists -- find it hard to believe a stretch of 80s would go this long. I mean, the marine push has to come sometime, doesn't it?

Thus, you've been seeing a lot of these kind of forecasts trotted out:

80s galore, but look at the end there: A day in the 70s! But inevitably as that day draws closer, the forecast warms up, only to be replaced by a 70-something day at the end of the new forecast.

It reminded me of this hilarious skit done by the Rick Mercer Report comedy show in Canada of how Canadian meteorologists help those in the frozen tundra of never-ending snow and blizzards get through the winter:

Only in our case, it's not "+1", but inverted, and "78" -- like this:

Man, staring out window at Seattle home on a sunny day: "I'm not mowing the lawn again. I can't go out there. It's too hot. Let's just get that neighbor kid to do it."
Woman: "I tried calling him. He's had it. Heat exhaustion twice this week already."
Man, now sitting at computer: "The whole five day forecast is sweltering."
Woman: " What about day six?"
Man: "87"
Woman: "What about day seven?"
Man: {<}{<}stunned silence{>}{>}
Woman: "Rob, what is it?"
Man, smiling in disbelief: "78"
Woman: "78?!?"
Man, crying: "78...I've waited so long for something like this."
** time passes to next day**
Man: "Well, they've changed the forecast and now Thursday has 86 again."
Woman: "What about Friday?"
Man, sighing relief: "78"
Woman: "We'll be able to sleep again with the covers on!"

The good news is -- it actually does look like we'll cool off the middle of this week into the 70s -- forecast models indicate we'll see some marine breezes finally kick up to knock down the highs into the more comfortable range.

But if that forecast ends up in the 80s again... at least there's the end of the week to look forward to!