Seattle is out-summering Los Angeles lately

Photo of a sunny Seattle day on July 29, 2013, courtesy Puget Sound Clean Air Agency Visibility Camera

It's one thing to say Seattle is having a pretty sunny summer. It's another when it can be said it's on par -- or even a little warmer -- than Los Angeles.

And we're talking Downtown Los Angeles, not by-the-water-in-the-marine-gunk LAX Airport.

Sunday marked the 16th consecutive day that the Downtown Los Angeles thermometer (taken at the USC campus) registered a high temperature below 80 degrees. It's currently tied for their 6th-longest streak of below-80s highs in July-August and tied for 7th longest stretch to begin August (11 days). And it's still active. (And note it's been nearly 100 years since they've had a longer streak):

Image courtesy: National Weather Service Los Angeles office.

On the other hand, Seattle just ended a streak Sunday of six consecutive days *above* 80 degrees. In fact, going back those 16 days when LA's streak began, their average high during the period is 77.0 degrees.

Seattle's is 78.0! Sure, it's not uncommon for Seattle to beat LA on a day or two here and there but over a 2-plus week stretch? And again: Downtown LA?

Now, if you're thinking: "Oh, it's a fluke these past couple weeks and LA must be warmer since the start of July"... you would be right.

But not by a whole lot.

Average high temperature since July 1 in Downtown Los Angeles: 79.9 degrees.

Seattle is 79.1 -- within shouting distance.

(Seattle does obliterate LAX's average high, but as I mentioned, they are close to the ocean and since they haven't had any east wind days there, they've been remarkably consistent -- as in a high temperature between 70 and 74 every day stretching back to July 18. LAX hasn't had a day outside the 70s since it hit 81 on July 1.)

Long range forecasts suggest Seattle needs to get in its jabs at LA soon because the high temperatures in Seattle this week are expected to be generally in the 70s -- save for maybe a low 80 for a day or two early in the week.

Meanwhile, forecasts for Downtown LA suggest their sub-80 streak ends soon and they should easily climb into the 80s by the middle and end of the week, setting all things right in the weather universe once again.