Seattle is halfway to its all-time dry streak record

Tuesday marks the 26th consecutive day with no measurable rain at Seattle's Sea-Tac Airport.

The streak is now half way to setting the all-time record, which is 51 days set between July 7 and August 26 in 1951.

If this sounds familiar, that's because we went through this "dry streak watch" last summer, which came up just short at 48 days. Too bad because it was only the bare minimum 0.01" needed to stop the streak on Sept. 8, but Seattle would not register 0.02" or more rain until October 12. UW professor Cliff Mass found we obliterated the record for longest streak less then 0.02" of rain at 81 days -- the old record had been 58.

It does look like Seattle will end up with no measurable rain for all of July -- just the sixth time in Seattle history that would happen.

And while it's not known yet whether we'll reach 51 days, we only need 11 more dry to get enshrined in the Seattle Climate Book Hall of Fame (pictured above) and long range models suggest that number is well within reach.

So how do you feel -- are you cheering for the record? Or want it to rain to dampen things up a bit?