Seattle 'crowned' with gorgeous April day

Sometimes, Mother Nature gives symbols that rain is on the way -- be it a rainbow halo around the sun (caused by ice crystals in clouds from an approaching storm), or a lenticular cap cloud over Mt. Rainier (usually we get the right kind of wind flow and have enough moist around around ahead of storms for those unique clouds to develop.)

But what about when the weather is getting better?

KOMO photographer Dan Strothman snapped this Instagram photo of Seattle Sunday with what appears to be a crown cloud floating over the city.

Sure enough, it was followed by a gorgeous Monday with temperatures into the low 60s amid plenty of sunshine!

The sunshine and warmth were to quickly give way to another cool, rainy day Tuesday, but more sunshine and warm weather were expected for Easter Weekend.

I guess we'll know for sure if any more crown clouds appear on Friday :)