Seattle about to set another temperature futility record?

A chilly spring doesn't seem like it'll faze these four children as they awaited a school bus in Lake Stevens during a light snow on March 22, 2013.

As our spring snow might have hinted, it has been a rather cool start to 2013, and long range models suggest the trend will continue into April.

Jason Phelps, a UW Atmospheric Sciences student and former intern here, has gone back and looked up the latest dates for Seattle's inaugural 60 degree temperature and surprise, surprise, we're moving up the chart again this year.

On Saturday, Seattle will climb into a three-way tie for 16th latest date -- admittedly not exactly record territory yet, but we do have a chance to quickly move up the chart. We've been close a few times -- reaching 59 on March 1 and 58 on March 15, but have yet to officially crack the 60 mark.

The record latest date is April 11 in 1954. For Top 5 status, we need to get to April 4.

The computers suggest there is a chance Seattle could hit 60 on Tuesday (March 26) but it'll be close.

However, overall, the odds of relatively cool weather continuing into April are greater than normal.

The new 30-day forecast from the NOAA's Center for Environment Prediction once again paints higher probabilities of a cooler than normal April, just as it did for March:

As for rain, it is not picking up any discernible signal and gives us equal chances of being dry, wet or normal.

Stretching the forecast out further to their 90-day that spans April through June is much of the same:

But that cooler signal does not appear in the May through July forecast, indicating the cooler weather is mainly expected in the early spring than the late spring.

As for summer, the forecast don't lean either way for Western Washington but do suggest we might once again be spared a brutally hot summer that seems in the cards for just about everyone else:

Latest first 60 degree dates in Seattle history

1) 1954: April 11
2) 1957: April 8
3) 1959: April 7
4) 1950: April 4
5) 1971: April 4
6) 1976: April 3
7) 2002: April 3
8) 1967: April 2
9) 2000: March 31
10) 2003: March 29
11) 1964: March 28
12) 1948: March 27
13) 1955: March 27
14) 1969: March 25
15) 1997: March 25
16) 1953: March 23
17) 2011: March 23