Scientific breakthrough: Raindrops that smell like french fries?

Sometimes advertising is a bit subtle (watch KOMO!) and other times it's more of a blaring, in-your-face barrage (NO, REALLY! WATCH KOMO-TV -- WE HAVE A GREAT NEWS TEAM!)

But now one Seattle-based company wants to take advertising to a whole new level: scent-based marketing using the world's first branded aromatic rain.

That's right -- next time you're doused by a rain shower, it's not just clean air you'll smell, but perhaps doughnuts? Or cupcakes?

Publicis Seattle worked closely with the local scientific community to develop "Brand Drops". Using cutting edge cloud seeding techniques and a proprietary chemical process where customized scents are injected into ordinary water molecules, brands will have access to an entirely new type of media space.

"From fast food companies that might desire burger and fry-scented rain, to a car brand's 'new car' scent, we can make the rain smell like anything," said Holly Detels, CEO of Brand Drops, adding it's totally environmentally friendly, if not exactly friendly to your spring outdoor plans.

Watch and be amazed how it works:

When asked why wait until April 1 to release this ground breaking (ground soaking?) technology, they replied: "No reason in particular. Well, maybe one reason..."

(Happy April 1...)

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