Proof Seattleites don't need umbrellas in the rain, just coffee

Three things you may or may not know about Seattle and its residents:

1) It rains a lot here. (You probably knew that one.)
2) We Seattleites love our coffee. (You probably knew that one too.)
3) Many Seattleites don't use an umbrella when it rains. (Your knowledge of this one is likely based on how long you've lived in Seattle.)

They say you can tell the locals as the ones who don't carry umbrellas -- partly because it's our badge of honor much like someone from Minneapolis says they can wear shorts when it's only 10 below, partly because it'd be a bother to carry it every day, and partly because it's so windy when it's raining.

"Nope, no umbrella. It's all about the rain jacket. Those don't blow away," Sita Mansour wrote on my Facebook page when asked whether you carry an umbrella in Seattle.

"I CARRY an umbrella when I take my dogs out. Opening it and using it, is another thing," wrote Shari Goll.

Christy Kinley also has a pretty good reason:

"Lived here all my life and don't have an umbrella. A good waterproof hooded jacket is where it's at. They don't blow away or turn inside out and when you get inside somewhere you don't have to figure out what to do with a sopping wet umbrella."

You can see evidence of this by just walking around town on a rainy day, but now we have some video proof.

KOMO photographer Doug Pigsley was in Seattle's Pioneer Square Thursday morning shooting a press conference when the skies opened up as an intense rain squall moved through. He ran around the neighborhood getting people in the downpour for footage for the website and evening newscast.

But as I was making a photo gallery, it hit me while watching the raw video: Hardly anyone has an umbrella, but several did have a cup of coffee. It was as if 10 minutes of videos validated what everyone had heard about Seattle.

So I counted...

There were 31 people shown in Doug's raw video. Of those 31:

23 people were not carrying an umbrella -- 74%!
8 people were carrying coffee -- two of them both a coffee and an umbrella (must be from Portland).

Among the group: One was a mother pushing her child in a stroller. The mom made sure her daughter had her Hello Kitty umbrella stationed to keep her dry (still a Seattleite in training) but the mom? No umbrella. (Role model!)

Here is much of that video as proof:

Next up: aiming to prove we wear socks with our sandals. Look for that around May.