Potpourri blog: Meteors, Ichiro, and a whole lotta snow!

Still image captured from web camera at shows meteor streaking across the sky on Feb. 28, 2012.

As the weather goes from snow to rain to to sun and back again, it's apropos that we have a blog entry today that covers quite a variety.

Let's start with something high up in the heavens -- a meteor that was caught on camera.

Michael McCormack, who runs Portsmouthwebcam in Portsmouth, New Hampshire had his camera rolling when a streak of light raced across the sky -- a lucky capture of a meteor. It happened on Feb. 28 just after 10 p.m.

While the real Ichiro is nice and warm in Arizona, his bobblehead is freezing!

While we're on the subject of web cameras, check out these two animations a bit more local. The first shows the snow falling, then melting at Dr. Dale Ireland's home in Silverdale on Wednesday. Poor Ichiro sure looks chilly out there!

And this next one shows the sunny, then snowy, then "rainbowy"(?) day off Skunk Bay in Hansville:

You think that bit of snow was chilly?

UW Research Meteorologist Mark Albright pointed out that this year is the 150 anniversary of the harsh winter of 1861-62 in what was then Washington Territory. John Caldbick recently published an essay on the winter on Read it here.

Maybe it looked something like this?

OK, so this next video doesn't connect to anything going on today -- it's just time lapse video I stumbled upon while posting some of Dale Ireland's videos onto our YouTube account. This is time lapse video of the great Chicago blizzard of 2011. Certainly qualified as "#snomg" on Twitter:

Good thing Ichiro wasn't hanging out on that porch!