Pitter-patter, drip, drip: Seattle's dry streak ends at 35 days

SEATTLE -- Wondering what those strange conglomerations of water are all over the sidewalks and streets? Don't worry, they're called puddles.

Measurable rain fell for the first time in over a month at Seattle's Sea-Tac Airport, ending a 35-day streak of no rain at the city's official rain gauge.

As of 3 p.m. Friday, there was .05 inch of precipitation in the gauge

The last measurable rain was recorded on June 27.

The 35 days comes up short of the all-time record of 51 days set in 1951 and was two days short of reaching the Top 10:

But it's the second year in a row that Seattle has had an extended dry streak in the summer. Last year, the city went 48 days between measurable rain (a streak that was thwarted by the bare minimum of required rain. It would actually be 82 days between rain of at least 0.02").

And while this summer won't get a spot in the dry-streak record books, it will be noted for just the 5th year in Seattle that went through all of July dry. It's also the first time Seattle has ever gone consecutive years with a month with zero rain (August 2012 was also dry.)

So Seattleites can be forgiven if we look a little lost amid the raindrops today. If you are one that needs a bit of a refresher course on what to do in the rain, we have this handy guide we published last year when the rains began after their long hiatus.

Here is a snippet:

The rain will be short lived and will end Friday night, leaving us starting a new dry streak on Saturday that should last through the next week and possibly beyond.