Photographer gets unique photo of full 360° rainbow from Seattle's tallest tower

Photo of full 360° rainbow as seen from Seattle's Columbia Tower Observatory (Photo: Tim Durkan)

SEATTLE -- With the mix of showers and sunbreaks this week, rainbows have been quite plentiful around the region.

Just about all have been the traditional half-circle arc that we see all the time. But photographer Tim Durkan and others Tuesday atop the Columbia Tower in its observatory were treated to quite the optical treat: A full 360° circle rainbow!

All rainbows are actually full circles, but when you're standing on the ground with the sun to your back, you only get to see the top half of the arc. The "bottom" half is blocked by the ground.

But when you're high enough off the ground -- such as, 900 feet up atop the Columbia Tower, and the sun and rain align just right, you can see the full rainbow projected below you, as Tim was lucky enough to see, along with others packed atop the tower.

"There were so many people jammed in the window I had to hold the camera above my dang head to get a decent shot!" Durkan said.

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