Photographer captures amazing lightning strike over Mt. Rainier

James Clark snapped this photo of lightning strike over Mt. Rainier on July 8, 2012.

James Clark is likely the envy of many photographers around the region who were trying to capture Sunday night's thunderstorms.

Clark was up on an evening ski trip with his girlfriend on the Camp Muir snow field on Mt. Rainier when they saw a thunderstorm brewing in the distance. They went back to their truck as the storm drew closer.

"I had my camera in my truck and I began shooting the storm in the distance," he said. "Little did I know that there was an even bigger system heading directly over us."

As the lightning bolts danced across the sky, he said he had a thought: "How cool would it be if the lightning struck right behind Mt. Rainier?"

"Much to my surprise the storm passed directly over us and the mountain as we sat in my truck at Paradise. The skies were blinding at times and the thunder that followed incredibly loud," Clark said.

He says he aimed his camera towards the mountain and just hoped that the strike would come.

"There had been little streaks around the mountain but nothing too spectacular," Clark said. "Just as we were getting ready to go as we thought the storm was dying, the incredible strike that I had hoped for happened and I was fortunate enough to have pressed the shutter when I had."

He says they were in shock that they got the photo. He said he's filmed lightning before, but never anything like this.

"It was an amazing experience being up there during such and incredible showing by Mother Nature," he said.

Indeed, it was!