One sunny day in June (that's all, folks!)

Not sure if my headline is a song title or more akin to an epitaph of Seattle's warmth this month, but if you feel sunshine has been lacking this month, we have yet another statistic to prove you are right.

David Britton, who runs the excellent Olympic Rain Shadow blog wondered A) just how gloomy it's been in Seattle over the past month and B) whether Sequim had any of their advertised "300 days of sunshine" during this stretch. (Reality check: Sequim does not get 300 days of full sunshine every year. Phoenix can't even boast that. Whether they count 300 days with at least a sunbreak? Maybe. Considering Seattle gets about 200 or so overcast days a year, that seems unlikely that Sequim has less than 65, but I will give them that it's way less than 200.)

Anyway, Britton's data concludes that Seattle has only had one day that he would consider a "bright, sunny day" (by his measurements which I think are pretty legit.) What's amazing is that is considerably worse than last year's "Juneuary" that had 5 bright sunny days by the 18th. (For comparison, Sequim is at 4 bright sunny days, so it's not like Tucson north this month, but better.)

The June gloom has actually got the attention of our TV news department, who sent out reporter Lindsay Cohen to find out just how much affect the gloom is having on the Seattle area (see her report as the video attached to the top story image). As you might expect, some have bemoaned the constant gray, but others who have been around here long enough have come to appreciate it versus, say, the alternative of 90s and humid that much of the rest of the nation is sweltering to.

But Lindsay uncovered a very interesting tidbit that I would have never thought to use to gauge how people are reacting to the weather: golf games.

She called Karen O'Connor, who is the Senior Public Relations Specialist with the Seattle Parks Department, who told her that so far in the first two weeks of June, Seattle courses have hosted 3,933 rounds of golf. That is roughly 15 percent less than the 4,600 rounds Seattle courses hosted during the first two weeks of June 2011 -- which had half has many rainy days and a stretch of 3 days in the 70s, including a 78.

But overall, I guess this spring hasn't been as bad as 2011 overall. O'Connor says year to date there have been 95,917 rounds of golf in Seattle, as opposed to just 87,557 in 2011 -- about a 9 percent increase.

Still, long range forecasts for the rest of the month -- save Thursday -- are looking like continued gray and damp as the general theme. So take our gray with a grain of salt -- at least it's less likely you'll have to yell "fore!" when you hit that wayward drive.