Oklahoma town goes from 87 to 27 in 24 hours!

Did you know it was 46 degrees Tuesday afternoon on Orcas Island but a whopping 55 degrees in Renton at the same time?

You know who doesn't care? Texas. Or Oklahoma.

The two states provided the battleground for winter and summer Tuesday afternoon as a monster cold front sliced the states in half, leaving the east side dealing with summertime heat while just a few hundred miles away, it was cold enough to snow.

In Oklahoma, their Mesonet temperature system showed temperatures in the mid 20s in the western panhandle and low 80s in the southeastern corner of the state. Right along the front, the town of Washington was at 74 degrees while it was 50 just a few miles away in Chickasaw.

For those towns in the warm sector, it was going to be anything but later in the evening. Just ask the town of Beaver, Oklahoma, which had a temperature of 87 degrees Monday afternoon -- and was an eye-popping, sniffles-generating 60 degrees colder 24 hours later -- 60 degrees!!! -- down to 27 degrees.

But Texas does everything bigger, and no different here. At one point Tuesday afternoon, the town of Perryton, Texas was 29 degrees and snowing. Just 240 miles south, it was 91 degrees in Jayton (a 62 degree spread -- take that Oklahoma!) You can see how close they are on this map:

View Texas in a larger map

As you can imagine, that kind of temperature difference is making for some severe weather and strong thunderstorms are likely with some large hail. And for those some behind the front, don't put away those snow shovels just yet!