November goes down as warmest at Sea-Tac; rain records fall too...

Sunrise in Seattle (Photo courtesy: Cliff W. Estes / Borrowed Light Images)

Last month was a warm month: Stop us if you've heard this before.

November, buoyed by record warm start that included a 70 degree day on November 8th finished up with an average temperature of 51.0 degrees -- the warmest on record at Sea-Tac Airport (which dates back to 1945) by far. The old record was 49.4 set twice -- 1965 and 1949. Going back to the 19th Century, only 1899's 51.9 degree November was warmer -- back when records were kept at the Downtown Federal Building. And pretty sure there was no weather blog or tweet to make that announcement.

Every single day in November was considered warmer than normal - our last "below average" day was Oct. 30.

That leaves May, August and September as the only months in Seattle to NOT have their all-time warmest month by average temperature set this decade. But it's close: May 2016 is 3rd, August 2013 is 2nd, and September 2014 is 2nd. In fact, the Top 5 warmest months in each month are littered with readings from this decade.

Lots of rain too...

Just for November, Seattle ended up with 6.48 inches for the month - just about spot-on normal (6.57"). But when combined with our record wet October, it's still setting some records.

For one, just in the gloom department. October had measurable rain on 25 days and November had 22 more -- the 47 combined rainy days breaks the old Oct.-Nov. record of 43. The 41.31" of rain we have through the year is also the 4th most through Nov. 30.

And just even October/November at 16.53 inches was the second most at Sea-Tac, behind 17.18 inches in 2006.

It finally looks like the pattern will change quite a bit as we head into December, where it looks like conditions will generally be cooler than normal for a while. I suspect December won't be setting any warm temperature records this time around!

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