Not a bad weekend to be on an Alaskan cruise

Bet some of those snow-capped Alaskan mountains have a lot less snow on them after this past weekend! (File photo)

I'm sure when people prepare their wardrobe to take a cruise to Alaska, the swimming trunks are usually not he first item to go into the suitcase, but this past weekend, some of the popular cruise towns have had weather to rival their Caribbean counterparts!

Check out the high temperatures the past few days for our friends to the north:

The town of Klawock hit 88 on Saturday -- breaking their daily record by 18 degrees! Annette hit 87 (old record, 79) and Hyder hit 90.

And just to drive home the point, I went back and checked and Juneau's 86 on Saturday matched the high temperature of the popular Caribbean cruise port Philipsburg, St. Maarten!

So add southeastern Alaska to unlikely towns that have had a warmer high temperature than Seattle so far this year.

The "heat wave" ended in a hurry. By Monday, Juneau was under a solid overcast with rain and an expected high in the low-mid 50s. So, hope you got that swimming in earlier!

(Special thanks to UW Research Meteorologist Mark Albright for alerting me to the warm SE Alaska temps this weekend.)