Northern Lights make brilliant encore appearance across Washington

Northern Lights as seen from Mukilteo waterfront on morning of Sept. 5, 2012. (Photo: Liem Bahneman)

Fresh off the aurora display earlier this week the heavens put on an encore Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

Around Western Washington, Liem Bahneman was lucky to consult the time lapse camera at, saw a budding display and raced out the door to a dock along the Mukilteo waterfront.

What he found the lights shimmering and dancing, even visible to the naked eye.

We've put some of his best in the photo gallery and he compiled this video below:

Also in the gallery are Northern Lights photos from Chris Teren near Friday Harbor, Steven Rosenow from Brewster, and Matthew Charchenko of Redmond.

Over in Eastern Washington, Rocky Rabell braved the great outdoors in the rural area near Keller to see if the Northern Lights would be out again, and he wasn't disappointed. He even braved trying a new ridge behind his home, but it had some challenges.

"I had all kinds of bear sign around me," he wrote to me in an email. "Too far from the house to be meeting a bear I don't know. About 12:30 I was able to see green pillars that extended about 15 degrees above the northern horizon as they moved from west to east. Considering where I am latitude wise and the moon I'm happy with the pictures I got. It was a good night. Beautiful sky, didn't freeze, and I wasn't harassed by any critters."

How good of a night? Here is his time lapse video:

The solar storm is fading for now, but if you want to see what sparked this days-long display of the Lights, check out this photo that NASA released of the solar flare:

According to, "each panel shows the eruption in a different wavelength of extreme ultraviolet light."

Hopefully these displays get even better and brighter as the sun heads into the peak of its 11-year solar cycle (expected to be in 2013).