Northern Lights make brief appearance around Washington

Photo of Northern Lights near Keller, Wash. on Sept. 3, 2012, by YouNews contributor RockyR49.

A solar storm piped up Sunday night and was strong enough to at least bring a brief display of the Northern Lights to both Western and Eastern Washington.

Greg Johnson of had his time lapse camera rolling overnight near Hansville and caught a glimpse of the aurora just after midnight.

Meanwhile, in Eastern Washington, Rocky Rabell went out and got time lapse video of the Northern Lights from Lodoen Flats, near Keller, Washington, Colville Nation.

"I started just off hwy 21 N a little north of Keller when there was just a subtle green glow dampened by the moon on the horizon at about 10 pm Sunday evening," he wrote. "Then back home a little after midnight the Aurora began to flare and lasted 20 minutes before returning to a glow on the horizon. 30 minutes later it flared brighter and longer than the first time. Had at least 45 minutes of the more intense activity."

The storm was still going Monday morning, but it's unclear whether the storm would stick around long enough to make for an encore Monday night.

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