Northern Lights dazzle Pacific Northwest skies

Northern Lights over Crater Lake, Oregon. (Photo: Brad Goldpaint,

A solar storm brought out a display of the Northern Lights to around the Pacific Northwest Friday night.

Around the Puget Sound area, green-tinged skies were reported across several areas of the North Sound, including Hansville, Arlington, Mount Vernon, Oak Harbor and Mukilteo.

And the storm was strong enough even be visible down at Crater Lake in Oregon, where Brad Goldpaint of GoldPaintPhotography got a surprise show.

"I drove to Crater Lake National Park last night to photograph the Milky Way rising above the rim. I've waited months for the roads to open and spring storms to pass, so I could spend a solitude night with the stars. Near 11pm, I was staring upward towards a clear night sky when suddenly, without much warning, an unmistakable faint glow of the aurora borealis began erupting in front of me. I quickly packed up my gear, hiked down to my truck, and sped to a north facing location. With adrenaline pumping, I raced to the edge of the caldera, set up a time-lapse sequence, and watched northern lights dance until sunrise. The moon rose around 2am and blanketed the surrounding landscape with a faint glow, adding depth and texture to the shot."

Here is time lapse video he took of the event:

In Eastern Washington, it was a dazzling display as well as Sy Stepanov got this time lapse video from Chelan:

Greg Johnson of had his two HD panoramic cameras rolling through the show and got some amazing video as well. Here is the show from each camera and then combined into one:

Liem Bahneman got some shots from the Mukilteo waterfront.

"It was best early, but decent until the clouds rolled in around 12:30am," he said. "Best part when it was straight overhead and undulating!"

And finally, Jim Reitz was treated to a show up in North Bend, where he not only captured the aurora dancing around Mt. Si, but also captured the International Space Station zooming by for a visit overhead.

And finally, this from Eddie Murdock from Anacortes:

Did you get any pictures or video of the event? I'd love to see them! Email them to me at

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