New weather computer ready for that nighttime sunshine

Astute viewers of our TV newscasts may have noticed we launched some new weather graphics on Monday.

As you might imagine, it's quite the process in the background redoing every single map, but perhaps the most time consuming -- and amusing -- process has been to sort through the hundreds (and I do mean hundreds) of new weather icons in our arsenal.

713 to be exact!

Gone are just the generic "mostly cloudy, rain" because now we have over 100 ways to say it'll precipitate in some form.

There's mostly cloudy, light rain. Mostly cloudy, moderate rain. Heavy rain... drizzle, chance of light rain *showers*, chance of moderate rain showers. Then multiply by cloud conditions-- cloudy, mostly cloudy, partly sunny, 43% sunshine with a hint of haze, sunshine with 3 sun spots... mostly sunny with partial solar eclipse. (OK, I made the last three up... I think. Let me double check...)

Here is a screen shot of us painstakingly going through what each icon looks like:

(Yes -- if you look in the bottom left corner, the computer already comes with an "ARCTIC BLAST" pre-programmed. We're ready, baby!)

And those 100+ are not including the really wacky stuff that doesn't happen here. How wacky? How about "mostly cloudy, chance of freezing rain and moderate mix of rain and snow -- with lightning!" I think if we put that on our 7 day graphic, we might literally have people faint upon the sight.

In fact, the icon library is so expansive, we found this!

At first, I wondered what their graphic artist must have been thinking, but upon second thought -- I suppose that stations in Alaska could legitimately use this as during the summer, they have plenty of mostly sunny "nights" -- although then just use the regular day sunnys? Maybe the sun is a little dimmer?

In our case, the folder was empty, so maybe it was also just a product of a computer-generated naming convention. But I put this in, just in case, because, you never know...

Hope you enjoy the new looks! :)