New Weather Channel app a bit of a blow to optimism?

Sorry Seattle -- if you had any thoughts this week might be amazing, the Weather Channel has news for you:

It won't.

At least, that was the somewhat amusing (and somewhat depressing) thoughts I had when my friend was showing off his new Windows 8 Phone that has the Weather Channel weather app built in.

Knowing I was such a weather geek, and knowing we were about to freeze our fur off at the UW game Saturday night, he wanted to show off what the new app was suggesting for game time temperatures.

Sure, it told us it was going to be in the 30s (actually, their model under forecasted the temps -- it had upper 30s; it was already in the mid 30s by late evening) but then it had this little note on one of the screens for the Seattle forecast:

"no amazing days forecasted in the next 4 days."

Well isn't that a bummer! It's even in all lowercase, as if to soften the blow when you read it in your head.

To be fair, it's not trying to forecast your day in general, just among the app's "social features" allowing you to set criteria as to what you would consider "an amazing day" for outdoor activities.

But, perhaps a rephrasing of when the weather doesn't meet the criteria might be in order?

Or at least maybe adding: "sorry" to the end of it? :)