Mother Nature's mantra for Seattle weather: All or nothing

SEATTLE-- Missing: Middle ground. Last seen several months ago. Description: Temperatures of medium build, 60-65 degrees, with clouds that weigh about 2-3 days' worth of rain a week.

Once again, Seattle is locked into a weather pattern that features either a stretch of cool, wet weather or a period of warm, dry weather, with nary a mixture of the two in between.

Friday's sunshine with temperatures rising well into the 70s, if not low 80s in some spots, is extending an all-time record spanning almost 120 years of Seattle history: The first 10 days of May are going to finish warmer than 65 degrees with zero rain in the rain gauge.* The old record for both zero rain to start a month and have all days 65 degrees highs or warmer was eight.

(*This record does not count a "trace" of rainfall which technically doesn't count as a rainy day. In 1946, Seattle didn't get its first day with measurable rain until May 24 but did have a handful of days with a trace of rain.)

But what's amazing is this sunny and warm stretch lurched to life on the heels of a very, very wet April -- almost exactly as the calendar changed. April finished up with four days in the 50s and at least a trace of rain each day. The month of April would finish the 2nd wettest on record at Sea-Tac Airport.

May arrives and voila, it's at least 65 and not raining anymore.

But April's rain was a bit of a shock compared to what came on the heels of our generally very dry January through March period -- that seemed to perfectly span from January 1 to March 31. And remember what was just before that? A very wet October through December 6th wettest on record and December had 27 days with rain.

And remember what was just before that? Our record dry stretch that didn't have more than 0.02" over a 82-day period.

So coming off our sunny stretch this week, what should loom on the horizon?

You guessed it, a rainy streak, albeit a short one. Long range models suggest showers possible at least Sunday through Tuesday with perhaps some isolated showers lingering into the end of the week. But you know what that means -- another sunny stretch should be just around the corner!