Mother Nature shows us some love

Photo of heart-shaped sunbreak, captured on July 23, 2012 in North Tacoma. (Photo, Twitter user: @Teirconnell)

What's next? Raining candy hearts that say: "Be Mine"?

Twitter user @teirconnel snapped this photo of a heart-shaped sunbreak over North Tacoma in late July. (Cue the, "awwww".)

While that was neat, what made it interesting was that another heart recently popped up in a photo around here. This one is a heart-shape cloud as seen from Mukilteo, taken by Dewana Lennon:

She says she was trying to get a photo of the Nimitz as it left and didn't even notice the cloud until later.

How about something that comes from the clouds? YouNews contributor jrc98221 captured this photo from Anacortes.

"The Friday the 13th Thunderstorm did have a heart after all," they wrote.

So, one heart in nature is neat. Two is interesting. Three is amazing.

What about four?

We have to back a bit to find this one, but seeing these two reminded me of a blog entry I wrote in November of 2010 that showed a heart on the radar screen, denoting the rain shadow over Sequim.

Guess Mother Nature really does love the Pacific Northwest, even if the sunshine is a bit lacking at times for some.