More proof that June's weather wasn't exactly up to par

The June we just finished up in Seattle was the 6th wettest and 10th coldest on record - not exactly the best conditions to hit the links.Sure enough, golf games were down in June since last year, according to Paul Wilkinson, Director of Golf Services for Seattle Parks.

He says golfers played 32,636 rounds in June 2012 -- down from 33,126 rounds in 2011.

But we were a bit more brave than in 2010, which had a somewhat similarly gloomy and wet June but only managed 30,139 rounds -- guess by now, Seattle golfers are getting resigned to "now or never".

Wilkinson says every course has been down except for one course that has had significantly more golf activity than recent years. (No, it's not indoors.)

"Jefferson (Park) is up significantly," he told me. "My guess is that people have been playing it because it is the driest course we have. As you know, it's on top of Beacon Hill and that's a factor."

Luckily, dry weather does not appear to be a concern as we get into July so you can dodge squishy fairways just about anywhere soon.