Monday ties record as Seattle's most boring weather day... ever!

A very gray, overcast Seattle on Jan. 13, 2014. (Photo: Puget Sound Clean Air Agency)

SEATTLE -- Hard to think a mundane cloudy day would set much of a record for Seattle, home to 220 cloudy days a year, but Monday will go down as one of the most boring weather days in Seattle's history.

Amid a solid overcast from midnight to midnight, the high temperature was 51 degrees and the low was...50. It's just the third time since records have been kept at Sea-Tac Airport that they day had only a one-degree spread, the others being January 23, 1971 and January 28, 1974.

And without even a trace of rain to fall, about the only slice of excitement was that winds did gust to 30-40 mph early in the morning, reaching a peak gust of 41 mph but the wind died off a short time later.

January 13 also holds the distinction of what might be the most exciting day in Sea-Tac history -- Jan. 13, 1950 is the snowiest day on record at 20.0 inches. Guess we've officially run the gamut now!