Meteorology and fashion collide to make...a weather shoe?


Forget the trendy occupations like doctor or firefighter or stunt devil. Meteorology has made the big time on the cool factor, and we're not talking because of some big arctic high pressure system moving down from Canada...

Nike, who has put its stamp on worldwide trends with the Air Jordan,"Just Do It" and... shattering the myth that a shoe should only need 1-2 colors has now added weather maps to its hallowed ranks of what it thinks people will want to wear on their feet.

Behold the "Nike Weatherman Pack" basketball shoes.

"Graphic, Doppler-esque depictions of inclement weather patterns grace the uppers of each shoe," Nike wrote on its site announcing the shoes. "The blue colorway demonstrates a quick transformation from calm to intense, while the red represents the constant pounding of a soaking thunderstorm."

But if you're going to walk the walk, you've got to make sure you can talk the talk. I suggest you research common meteorological terminology to complete the package. Otherwise, you're just wearing funny-looking shoes.

For example, next time you're about to sky over your opponent, you can say you've issued a "Severe Thunderdunk Warning", followed by: "A positive vorticity max is about to move through your area, I'd take shelter immediately."

Or: "I've seen better zone coverage by the Camano Island Dopper Radar showing colliding winds inbound from the Strait of Juan de Fuca colliding with southerly winds from the Chehalis Gap!"

The shoes go on sale Aug. 30. There's no word if they're water proof.

P.S. They're not Nike's first weather-related shoe

In a revelation sure to bring a tinge of pain to both Seattle Sonics fans and Seattle meteorologists -- did you know former Sonic Kevin Durant wanted to be a meteorologist when he grew up?

He found something slightly more lucrative to do, but Nike took advantage of his weather passion to create a few weather-related shoes in his name as well, including one that shows Doppler Radar images on the soles -- apparently to show off when he's 5 feet over you. The last article states: "Is there any doubt he was destined to be a member of the Thunder"? Well, yes. Yes there was...