Map shows winds in real time across nation

Map shows current forecasted wind speeds for 1 p.m. PDT March 28, 2012. Courtesy:

Here's a simple way to be in awe of how weather works.

Check out this map that shows near real-time wind flow across the United States, courtesy of (Click the link and you'll be taken to a map that has a cool animation of the wind.)

You can click on the map to zoom in and even hover over a location to see what the wind speeds are.

The data is actually a computer model forecast of the wind speeds over the next hour so it's pretty close to live data, the site says.

For added enlightenment, compare this with a traditional weather surface chart so you can see how fronts and troughs and ridges affect wind flow:

Here is the chart that matches the image above:

You can see pick out the cold font along the Ohio Valley -- note how the winds are out of the north/west on the north side of the front and out of the south/southwest ahead of the front. Also note the southeasterlies on the north side of the warm front in coastal New England, but westerlies in Upstate New York

The stationary front also sticks out well just west of the Dakotas, and those of you blown around by the breezy southerlies in the Northwest have proof here.