Magazine declares Seattle has 'wussiest' winter in America

Cars and a bus sit stuck on a hill on 24th Avenue East during a snowstorm in Seattle, Sunday, Jan. 15, 2012. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

First it was Los Angeles taking pot shots at Seattleites' winter mettle in a scathing commentary last year during our record ice storm.

Now, it's The Atlantic Cities magazine taking its turn to hurl a few barbs at our -- I guess legendary? -- snow freakout-ness.

Seattle was crowned with America's "wussiest" winter as one of eight cities they declared as having the crummiest winters in the United States.

(I suppose it could have been worse, we probably narrowly lost out on being named "Most Depressing" winter (Fairbanks) or "Gridlockiest" Winter (Washington D.C.) or "Lamest" winter (San Francisco, with its never-snow.) )

But how did we get to being called the "Wussiest"? Their main beef is not how we handle the incessant rain (c'mon, we're veterans there) but how we handle the snow.

"If Mother Nature puts one inch of snow on the ground, businesses close, bus service is delayed or cancelled and schools lock their doors," the magazine quipped.

Oh yeah? Did you bother to look up that it snowed on December 18th in Seattle? Did you all still get your Starbucks? Did you Amazon packages still get shipped? Did Microsoft still release Windows 8? Seattle schools *didn't even delay an hour*.

We proved we can handle the 0.6" of snow that fell at the airport and sorta missed downtown just fine, thank you very much.

And it's not like we run to the window with video cameras when flurries begin or have to chain up our buses in an inch an a half of snow. We can drive on a little snow just fine, even on I-5 near Downtown Seattle. Contrary to what you might have heard, Seattle does not have a 'snow panic' manual.

As for those videos you might have seen of Seattle having "some" difficulty in the snow when you ice up our infamous "cliffs" of hills that makes San Francisco look like a table top?

Pure fiction.

So the magazine really needs to get their fact straight before publishing such inflammatory statements. Everyone knows it takes 2 inches of Seattle snow before the city panics. Unless it's a Friday, then we're outta here.

Do you agree Seattle has the wussiest winter in the nation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below: