L.A. paper calls Seattle "snow wimps" as SoCal warns about 1/3" of rain

There is a saying about people in glass houses...

Amidst one of the worst winter storms to strike the greater Seattle area in decades, the Los Angeles Times put out a blog chastising Seattle citizens' reaction to snow, with this actual headline: "Snow wimps: Seattle is shut down by first real snow of the season."

Yes, you read that correctly. Los Angeles. Which has about as much authority in chastising Seattle about snow reaction as it does about the state of our National Football League franchise.

Its first line sets the tone of the article:

"Color Seattle clueless."

After bashing us a bit more, here was this gem:

"The snowstorm had been forecast to be the worst to hit the Puget Sound region in 30 years, an ominous warning that scared easily scareable Seattleites."

Granted, this article was written after Wednesday's snows (which tallied anywhere from 4-20" across the region, including 6.8" at Sea-Tac) but before Thursday's record ice storm -- eh, what's a few ice cubes on the road, they'd probably have thought -- but it was still quite a bit galling from a town that brought the world "Carmegeddon" when one part of a freeway was shut down for a weekend.

Then, as if to prove my point, just hours later the National Weather Services in Los Angeles and San Diego each put out Special Weather Statements for an incoming weather system over the weekend that might bring a quarter to a third of an inch of rain to the coast.

And I quote...

"Most of the rainfall will be light...but with rather long duration and will result in some slippery driving conditions."

You might have us on fashion tips, Southern California, but for weather? Try having some first.