'Juneuary' strikes again?

So here we are again, a week into June and it still feels like the rainy season, which supposedly ends on April 30 (yes, it's true, there is an end date!) forgot the memo.

The first eight days are in the books and already the rain gauge has more rain in it than the average amount for the entire month, and the thermometer has been lucky to get into the 60s, much less the 70s.

If this sounds familiar, it should. We went through almost an identical first week of June gloom just two years ago in 2010.

I know a lot of people are fine with this cool, wet weather -- myself included -- but for those who aren't, here are some statistics to help quantify what we've been feeling this week, just to drive home the point that, yes, it has been once again a rather false start to the summer season.

* Through Friday afternoon, Seattle has had rain on 6 of the first 8 days of June, good for 1.66" of rain and already over the average June rainfall total of 1.56". (In 2010, it was 7 of 8 days with rain for 1.32". They ended up with 2.60" for the month)

* Two of those rainy days (June 5 and 7) were over six-tenths of an inch in Seattle. Had those days been in last November, they would have qualified as the second- and third-wettest days of that month.

* Temperatures have yet to hit 70 in June through Friday -- just like they failed to do in 2010 (and 2008, too.) Stretching it out two weeks, only four times in Seattle (Sea-Tac) history has June gone the first two weeks without hitting 70 (yes in 2008, but not in 2010 which hit 74 on June 12). But while temperatures will remain cooler than normal as a while through next week, forecast models do indicate we should spike into the low 70s on Monday before cooling back into the 60s.

* On Tuesday when the high only reached the mid 50s, Seattle was colder than Reykjavic, Iceland, Yellowknife, NWT, Canada and parts of central and western Alaska.

* Average snow melt at Stevens Pass is June 3, but on that date this year, we still had 59" of snow up there -- only to briefly add to it a bit on Tuesday. The snowpack still stands at 52" as of Friday afternoon. Snoqualmie Pass is just about done, down to 4 inches.

We'll see what the end of the month portends, but there is a reason we joke that summer really doesn't begin in the Northwest until July 5th!

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