June's best weather photos and statistics

"June gloom," "Juneuary" -- whatever we usually nickname the cool and showery Junes that Seattle can get, it sure lived up to its moniker this year.

Fresh off a May that was not exactly blazing sunshine-worthy, June came in and did the gloom one better.

There were no official sunny days in June (rated as 30% or less cloud cover), and 15 days with measurable rain -- tied for second most and just missed registering its 16th day as a raging convergence zone just missed the airport.

Overall, the month tallied 2.96" of rain -- good for sixth wettest on record and 1.39" above average.

Three daily rainfall records were set -- June 5th (0.63"), 7th (0.65") and 22nd (0.62")

In fact, UW Research Meteorologist Mark Albright found that June 22nd was so rainy and gloomy that as far as amount of sunlight energy received, it was darker than 7 days in December, despite several hours more of sunlight to work with (just two days removed from the summer solstice!)

June 22 also set the record for lowest high temperature of just 57 degrees.

Speaking of temperature, the average high temperature for the entire month was 65.7 degrees -- 10th coldest on record and about spot-on par with two years' ago June which also was very unpopular with sun fans.

The month was also marked with a squall on the 23rd that brought strong winds to 40 mph that knocked down several trees across the Eastside and North Sound, knocking out power to just over 10,000 people.

And not to be forgotten, we also had the ultra-rare Venus Transit.

July's Outlook

July, and August for that matter, are the heart of the dry season and the bread-and-butter months for sun fans, who must figure that this is the payback for the typically cloudy fall and winter (... and spring... and early summer). Seattle averages an inch or less of rain per month with temperatures routinely in the 70s with occasional 80s.

But by the time we get to the end of the month, we are at the statistical peak of the dry season, with rain falling on a particular date about 1 in 10 times. (July 30 and August 4 have only had rain on 9 years in the past 119 years.). It's why the big SeaFair festivities are around this time -- they've done their homework.

July 4th is statistically the wettest day of the month -- thus, the joke is that July 5th is the real start of summer in Seattle and this year looks to be no different, with sunshine and warmer temperatures expected toward the end of this week.

However, the 30 day forecast is still thinking July will trend a little cooler than normal, although stay dry. (Note, that's pretty similar to what it advertised in June -- which it nailed the temps, but not quite the whole "drier than normal" part.)

But even "cool" by July standards should be quite comfortable.

June & July Stats

Some of other neat weather stuff that's come into the email bin this month:

Don Jensen filmed this time lapse video of the gorgeous weather on the summer solstice up at Mt. St. Helens

On June 28 -- watch what happened in Hansville when the cool north wind started to blow -- note the drop in temps from the low 70s to the upper 50s(!)

And Michael Gaston and a friend used a weather balloon to make this very cool video using an iPhone.

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Have a great July!