June ends with some peculiar weather statistics for Seattle

Mt. Rainier looms large behind Seattle's skyline on June 30, 2014. (Photo courtesy: Puget Sound Clean Air Agency Visibility Camera)

As we turn the page into the first of our two summer stalwart months, June ends with a few interesting Seattle weather statistics in its wake:

* The temperature didn't reach 80 for the month -- just the fourth time in Sea-Tac history that May has reached 80 degrees but June did not. It's the only time May has reached 85 degrees (May 1) and June then didn't reach 80. (Not to worry, July 1 easily got that 80 degree reading out of the way -- and 90+ too while it was at it.)

* June was the first month since January to feature below-normal rainfall (0.73" observed; normal 1.57"). But even so, this goes down as the third-wettest start to a year in Sea-Tac history. We're at 27.31" with the record belonging to 1972 and it's 28.71" reading. We're supposed to be at 19.01".

* However, we continue to obliterate rainfall records if we toss out our rather dry January and we start the clock in February. We had already clinched the wettest February-June on record in late May so whatever we got this month was gravy. We ended up at 23.61".

* And those of you wondering about the February-July record? Oh, we clinched that in late May too. So no drama there, it's already broken. Wettest Feb-July before was 22.81" set in 1982 so we're already 0.80" on top of that plus whatever falls in July.

* Soo... have we clinched wettest February-August yet too? Not quite, but it's there for the taking. The wettest Feb-Aug. is 23.94" set in (you guessed it) 1972. So just need 0.34" of August rain and that record bites the dust too.

As for what wasn't peculiar? June will end with 9 days of measurable rain -- exactly normal. Also the average high temperature was about 71 degrees -- only about a degree above normal (despite not reaching 80.)