July's best weather photos and statistics

Sunset in Edmonds on July 13, 2012 from YouNews contributor leroyvanhee

June got the moniker "Juneuary", July might have earned "Julember."

The true start to the dry and sunny season in Seattle didn't exactly get off to a roaring start -- although it did spend quite a bit of time making a cacophony.

The month will likely be best remembered for the light show -- make that shows. Seattle and Western Washington had several bouts of thunderstorms over a two week period, including a dazzling display on Friday the 13th.

In addition, we had a few displays of the Northern Lights -- some on the same day on the thunderstorms. But generally, the month was cooler and cloudier than normal, just like many of the previous months have been.

July finished with 1.04" of rain -- 0.34" more than normal, although the rain was concentrated on just seven days with two days, July 3 (.23") and July 20 (0.60" - a daily record) making up for much of the month.

The warmest temperature was 83 degrees on July 8, just one of four days at 80.

July featured 7 clear days, 6 partly cloudy days and 8 overcast.

August Outlook

While the start of the month is looking sunny and warm, the 30 day forecast is showing the month should remain quite dry but still a little cooler than normal overall.

It also marks the start of the average high temperature descent. The average high temperature on Aug. 2 is 77.4 degrees. On Aug. 3, it's 77.3 and begins its gradual drop until December's 45.1.