July goes down as hottest month on record in Seattle

SEATTLE -- If Seattle was awarded a trophy for every heat record we've broken over the past year and a half...we'd have to build a new case. In fact, the "trophy" awarded Friday should probably be among the larger in the display shelf.

July 2015 will now go down as the hottest month in Seattle history -- and that includes the Downtown Federal Building records that go back to 1890. The average temperature this month was 71.2 degrees, narrowly edging August 1967's 71.1 degrees. (The average temperature is found by taking the high and low and dividing by two.)

For average high temperature, Seattle will come in second place overall at about 82.6 degrees, behind August 1958's 83.7 average high. It will, obviously, be the hottest July on record by all metrics, and makes two months in a row Seattle has set their hottest month by average temperature, and sixth of the last 10 months.

Some of the other trophies already accumulated include Seattle reaching 90 for the 11th time this year, breaking the old record of nine. We've also set the record for most 90s in a month at nine (in July).

If you feel like the rain records are being left out, don't worry, here's a trophy for you too: This will be the driest May-July period on record at 0.90" of rain. The previous record was 1.73" set in 2003.

August looks to start out hot initially as well, but we should cool back to more typical summer time temperatures in the 70s next week.

Some amazing heat tallies:

* through July 31

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