Is Los Angeles going to beat Seattle in rain -- again!?!?

The north-facing slopes of the San Gabriel Mountains have a dusting of snow as clouds obscure the peaks, seen from Acton, Calif., as a late autumn storm passes through Southern California Monday, Dec. 12, 2011. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

One instance can be passed off as a fluke, but does two times make a trend?

If so, never mind booking those trips to Southern California in December to escape the rain in Seattle!

For the second December in a row, Los Angeles was getting more rain than typically soggy Seattle.

Last year, you might remember there was a riveting battle between the two cities as to who would end up wetter, which Los Angeles eventually "won" with 8.83" of rain compared to Seattle's 8.69".

We laughed because it's not like Seattle was dry -- in fact the 8.69" ranked it as the 7th wettest December on record. So it was flukey that LA could claim to be rainier than Rain City.

But lo and behold, here we are again in 2011 where it's been wetter in SoCal than NorWet. Through Dec. 22, Seattle was still stuck on 0.25" of rain for the month, while Los Angeles was up to 0.67".

Then again, with only 0.25" of rain, you could probably pick any major city outside of Phoenix and find more than 0.25 inches in their rain gauge this month. Oops, did I say "Phoenix"? Because even they have 1.10". (OK, I found a drier city: San Francisco is only at 0.13")

But unlike 2010, when Los Angeles had a late surge of rain to claim the title, the roles will likely be reversed in 2011. Seattle does have a moderate amount of rain in the forecast for next week while Southern California is expected to remain dry.

Whether it's enough to catch Phoenix or set record for Seattle's driest December on record (currently 1.37"), we'll have to see.

But at least we should let LA off the hook...