Intricate snowflake snuggles up to girl in Connecticut

Take a peek at this amazing photograph of a perfect dendrite snowflake that fell on a little girl in West Haven, Connecticut Tuesday morning.

Little Caylee Fleming, a friend of one of my relatives, was waiting for a bus to pick her up when the flurries began.

"We live on the beach so any snow we see is mushy and wet," said her mom Justine. "I noticed it started to flurry and I said, 'Caylee can you feel the snow?' "

She asked if she could feel it because Caylee is legally blind.

"It looked like perfect snowflakes -- the kind you see on TV," Justine said. "As they fell on her, she let out a sigh. I said, 'look at that -- a perfect snowflake for a perfect little girl.' "

The snowflakes get their unique shape based on the current temperature and humidity profile of the lower atmosphere.

No two snowflakes are formed off the exact same sized particle nor take the exact same path in their formation journey, and thus as you have heard, no two snowflakes are alike.

You can find out plenty more on snowflakes and their origin at CalTech's '' web site.