Hyperlapse video shows Super Moon rising over San Juan Islands ferry ride

Photo: Don Jensen

Local photographer Don Jensen recently was able to check off one item off his "bucket list."

"One of the items on my list for a couple of years now has been to get a hyperlapse through the San Juans under a full moon. The problem with this, that the best time to try it is during winter when the sun sets early enough to still catch a ferry in the dark of night," Jensen said. "The second challenge is that it is usually cloudy and rainy weather during the winter. So, when the timing of these things come together, you had better bet I'm going to be all over it."

The video shows the complete sailing from Anacortes to Friday Harbor with a stop over at Lopez Island along with the return from Friday Harbor back to Lopez.

"This is a 1.5 minute scene from a longer near 3 minute scene that I will be excited to be adding to my film 'Cascadia: Where Worlds Collide' which I am releasing in late January. I actually had licensed the music 'We are the night,' by Marc Teichert for this specific event that I had almost given up on shooting due to the narrow timing windows of being able to capture."

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