How's this for upside-down weather: Nome warmer than New Orleans

A sunny and warm Nome, Alaska on Jan. 27, 2014. (Photo courtesy FAA via Alaska weather blog "Deep Cold: Interior and Northern Alaska Weather & Climate".)

It's been quite the divide this season with a very warm winter in the West and a very cold winter in the East, and it sure is making for some crazy weather scenarios.

As some warm air moved into Alaska, temperatures soared to levels never seen in the winter time. Nome reached a high of 51 degrees, not only shattering their all time January high temperature (which was 46) but according to the Alaska weather blog "Deep Cold: Interior and Northern Alaska Weather & Climate" Nome had never before broken 50 degrees between Oct. 17 and April 9!

The high of 51 made, by my count, Nome warmer than 28 other states, including Tennessee, Oklahoma and Colorado.

Even Tuesday morning, Nome at 36 was warmer than New Orleans (32, freezing rain) and Atlanta (25). Not sure when the last time that ever happened!

But warmth was spread across much of Alaska. Popular cruise destination Seward reached 58 Monday, breaking their all-time January high of 55 degrees. 58 is also Seattle's high water mark for the winter so far.

You can see the anomalous warming over northern Alaska on this chart here, courtesy of

San Francisco gets toasty too...

Some much-needed rain was not only falling in Seattle, but in the Bay Area, stopping an impressive 14-day streak. No, not just dry weather, but the Bay Area went two weeks with at least one of the region's cities breaking a record high for the day, according to good friend and current

KPIX weathercaster Paul Deanno

. San Jose was the last, reaching 71 degrees on Sunday.

Special thanks to University of Washington research meteorologist Mark Albright for tipping me to the Alaska records.