How hot has it been in Seattle? A full month's worth of 80 degree days

A sunny day in Seattle on Sunday, Aug. 9, 2014. (Photo courtesy: Puget Sound Clean Air Agency Visibility Camera)

As temperatures soared into the 90s Monday -- Seattle hit 96 degrees, breaking the record high and making for the hottest day since Aug. 15, 2010 -- many longtime Seattleites were ready to wave the white flag. It's been an unusually hot summer and even though we don't have many "trophy" heat days of us broiling well into the 90s for a few days here and there, it's been a slow cook with several days in the 80s.

We've got about another month on the calendar where Seattle can get this warm but let's "take the temperature" of the summer so far.

So far this year, we've had two long streaks of days that Seattle reached 80 or warmer - a 12 day streak from July 6-17 (tied 2nd longest on record) and another 9 day streak that just ended on Aug. 5. The 19 days at 80 or warmer in July were second-most on record behind the 21 set in 1985.

But what about overall?

Counting Monday, Seattle has had 31 days at 80 degrees or warmer. We average 25 days of such warmth a year. The record is 47 set in 1958. We're currently tied for 15th most but have several more days to add to our tally.

How about days at 85 or warmer? 17 through Monday. We average 10 per year. Record is 22 set in 1967. Currently tied for 8th most.

And Monday reached 96 -- our 4th day at 90 or warmer and that's not too out of the ordinary as we average 2-3 per year. And we've now hit our quota of 95+ degree days as that averages about once every other year.

Long range models suggest we could get a well-deserved break from adding too much more to these tallies for the next several days as our marine winds return in the middle of the week and hang around for a while.