Happy last day of snow in Seattle day!

"Mr. Cash" basks in a rare mid-spring snow. (Photo: Julie Johnson)

It's been nearly a month since winter ended, and the Opening Day of Boating Season is just over two weeks away.

But did you know it's snowed on this date before in Seattle?

April 17 has the distinction of being the latest date of a winter season with measurable snow in Seattle. 1.2" of snow fell at Sea-Tac on the 17th in 1972, the day after 1.1" fell on the 16th!

There have been later dates when it's snowed and not measured, with a trace amount registered as late as May 30 although graupel can sometimes get listed in the snow column as was likely the case in these later dates.

But there have been spots outside of Seattle that have been slammed with snow even past April 17, most notably in 2008 when 6-8 inches of snow fell in Everett on April 19! (It also snowed in Seattle on that date but wasn't cold enough or strong enough to measure and changed to rain. So close to setting a new record!)

In fact, that photo above with the dog ("Mr. Cash") was taken on April 19, 2008 in Everett. (The time stamp on the photo is off.) I'll bet he wasn't the only one confused that day!

But at least for Seattle, you can *finally* put away the snow shovels... provided you have any in the first place.

By the way, that same winter with the late snow also claims to fame the winter with the earliest measurable snow on record -- 2.0 inches on October 27, 1971. That 172 days between first and last snow will likely be a record that stands the test of time.