Hail storm blankets South Sound in a slushy coat of white

Photo: Key Peninsula Fire Department

PURDY, Wash. -- If you're playing Northwest Weather Bingo this week, boy are you doing well. We've already had the waterspouts and tornadoes checked off. Now you can mark off hail as well.

An intense thunderstorm dropped quite a burst of hail over Purdy and Wauna near Gig Harbor.

The Key Peninsula Fire Chief reported between the hail and heavy rains, it made for a soupy-icy mess about 3-4 inches deep across SR-16 and SR-302 in the area.

Radar estimated as much as 1-1.5 inches of rain fell where the hail came down.

The hail moved into the I-5 corridor where a light coating of hail was reported in Federal Way.

The thunderstorm was slowly moving off to the east and was expected to fizzle later Thursday evening.

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