Got your webbed feet yet? Seattle breaks record for all-time wettest October

A rainy day in Seattle on Oct. 26, 2016. (Photo: Tim Durkan)

October is the official start of the rainy season in Seattle.

Pardon us of we all exclaim together: "Well, duh!!!!"

Rainy Octobers are nothing new, but this October has been rainy like no other.

A moderate rain shower Saturday on Seattle's 23rd day of measurable rain this month added enough to Sea-Tac Airport's rain gauge that we now have measured a total of 9 inches, making it the wettest October on record!

And it's there's still more rainfall to go!

The previous record was 8.96 inches set in 2003 -- and that month had the advantage of getting 5.02 inches in one day on the 20th, far and away the wettest single day in history.

This year, we spread it out a bit with four days at 1 inch of rain or more, including over 1.20" on Wednesday alone.

Seattle averages just five such days a year; we got four in 13 days.

The 23 days of measurable rain in October through Saturday has tied a record for most October days with measurable rain, making this a rather familiar sight:

We'll break that record on Sunday and likely push it to 25 days on Monday. The first day of November might bring a rare respite from the rain, but signs are that the rest of the week will pick right back up with the drenching rains again -- apropos since November is usually the wettest month of the year.

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