Fuzzy rainbow greets Puget Sound Friday morning...

Chocolate and flowers might be traditional Valentine's Day gifts, but Mother Nature gave a little treat to those up early enough to look out to their north over Puget Sound. And if you weren't up to see it, luckily it was caught on camera.

Greg Johnson of noticed this rather diffuse rainbow out his window Friday morning -- making it appear more like it was raining colors than a traditional rainbow:

It's just one of a few interesting days for his camera this week.

Check out this video from Feb. 10 -- note the intense wind shear --where the clouds in the higher levels are flowing nearly exactly opposite from the lower level clouds:

And then this video from Jan. 29 has a bit of everything in one day! It also has a rainbow and shows wind shear, but also shows "orographic lift" -- note the clouds forming and flowing over Whidbey Island on the right side of the video. That's lift being created as the air flows up the hillside of Whidbey Island, cooling the air just enough to create clouds. If you were a boat a few hundred yards offshore, it's sunny, but a home on the hillside would be buried in fog.

Finally at the end, you'll see an approaching and passing Puget Sound Convergence Zone -- note the wind shift from south to north and the wall of clouds rolling in from the northwest and passing through. What a day!