Future meteorologists (and master chefs?) help explain Colorado's warm March

Eva Jane and Charlotte of Dunn Elementary give us an update on Fort Collins, Colo.'s record warm and dry March.

While we were enduring a rather wet and chilly March, the rest of the nation was basking in record warmth.

That included Ft. Collins, Colorado. I could tell you more in boring text, but instead, let's let Charlotte and Eva Jane from Dunn Elementary in Fort Collins fill you in on their record-breaking month:

To compare to Seattle, our normal average high in March is 45.1 degrees -- so nearly four degrees warmer than Fort Collins. But this year we were at 43.1 degrees -- a full seven degrees colder! And we had no trouble filling our rain gauges with 7.20" of rain -- double our average with 22 days with measurable rain.

Anyway, great job Charlotte and Eva Jane! Hopefully my two daughters will take a similar interest when they get a little older, and kudos to the Poudre School District for this creative way of getting kids involved with science. And if there are any local schools that do similar weather-related presentations, let me know.

P.S. Thanks to UW Research Meteorologist Mark Albright for finding this little gem. And to Charlotte and Eva Jane, if there are any more of those record-breaking cookies, sign us up!