Funnel cloud spotted over Yelm?

Photo of potential funnel cloud near Yelm on April 5, 2012. (Photo: Ed Tincknell)

Update: National Weather Service forecasters have looked over radar data and the photographs and they don't believe it was a funnel. "Both the Camano and Langley radars showed no gate-to-gate wind shear of any kind at any elevation, particularly the lowest elevations," said Ted Buehner with the National Weather Service. They also believe the photos don't show the right organization for a funnel cloud. Hmmm...

Western Washington isn't really a severe weather haven, but what few events we do get, April is a prime time.

And this April is apparently no different.

Ed Tincknell had his camera handy when what appeared to be a funnel cloud dropped out of the skies near Yelm Thursday afternoon as a heavy cell rolled through the region. He said it was the hail outside that got his attention, and then sure enough, he spotted the funnel-looking cloud.

He said it didn't touch the ground and radar showed the cell fizzled just as quickly as it formed, but it was just long enough to snap a few photos.

Here is the radar image from that time:

What funnels we get around here are usually harmless "cold core" funnels that rarely touch the ground.

Active weather wasn't just confined to Western Washington. A funnel cloud was also reported near Portland as well as Pasco Airport in Eastern Washington.