Frequent sunshine helping Monday improve its scornful reputation?

Seattle shines again on a Monday. (Photo courtesy: Puget Sound Clean Air Agency)

It's gotta be tough being Monday. Of all the days of the week, Monday is nearly universally loathed as the end of the weekend. (Oh sure, it gets Monday Night Football, but that's only four months of the year, and they're not exactly the nicest weather months.)

But at least in Seattle, Monday is making a bid for your heart.

This Monday marks the fourth time in the past six weeks that it's been sunny and warm. And while the weekends, as usual, hog all the weather attention with gaudy statistics like it's been mostly dry for the past five, Monday can actually boast it's been the warmest day of the week.

Since the first of April, the average high temperature on Mondays has been 63.4 degrees -- a full half degree warmer than its Sunday counterpart. The rest of the days of the week aren't even close.

This Monday is set to make the fourth day of the year over 70 -- it'll be the second time it's reached the mark while Sunday only has one day (well, there was another day that was exactly 70 (Easter Sunday), but I said "over" 70.)

And just like weeks' past, the weather generosity will not extend into Tuesday. While it'll still be dry, we'll cool back to the mid 60s -- placing it along the lines of Sunday's "paltry" weather status. And Wednesday continues to be the "new" Monday as drizzle and a few showers are possible, which would make it the fourth time in a row it's rained on Wednesday (and the 5th week was only 51 degrees.)

But lo and behold, long range models think we're going to actually do yet another sunny and warm weekend -- what would be the sixth generally sunny weekend in a row. But don't worry, Monday, it looks sunny then too, so no concerns about losing your new favored status just yet.

As for poor old Wednesday? Don't ask....

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