Forget Waldo, can you spot the lonely rain shower?

It's tough to spot the lonely rain shower on this forecasted rainfall map for the morning of Oct. 20.

You might have heard it's going to be a rather dry week around here, courtesy of a strong ridge of high pressure.

But the strength of the ridge is quite surprising, especially for October, taking up much of the Pacific Coast.

The picture above is high-resolution forecast model showing expected rainfall for Sunday morning, which would show up as colored blobs.

But at this time, the dry weather is expected all across the west, save for one tiny shower. It's hard to spot so I've pointed it out. Looks like the only person getting wet in the West Sunday morning are some very unlucky fishermen or some whales that chose the wrong time to breach. (Not like a little rain would bother them anyway...)

To compare, here is what that map *usually* looks like in October:

But it's not just the Pacific Northwest that's enjoying protection from the ridge, note the reds and oranges of the ridge's warm air extends well north into B.C. and even into the Yukon!

Looks like this ridge will hold not only through this week but next week as well, finally being vanquished a few days before Halloween.