Forget Kevin Bacon, Washington had 50 degrees of separation Wednesday

It was the hottest of places; it was the coldest of places.

Our state had quite the dichotomy Wednesday afternoon, courtesy of an intense heat ridge in Eastern Washington counterbalanced by a chilly fog bank along the coast.

At 7 p.m. Wednesday, the temperature in Pasco was 107 degrees. Contrast that with Forks on the coast which was... 57 degrees. (Some of the buoys offshore were even a little chiller like Destruction Island at 53 degrees). That's about 265 miles apart for the 50 degree swing.

What's amazing is that's about as hot...and as cold as the state can usually get in the middle of summer. Hanford reached 110 earlier in the day for the first time since 2007 and was just 3 degrees off their all-time record high of 113, according to University of Washington research meteorologist Mark Albright. And overnight, the temperature dropped to 48 degrees at the Race Rocks buoy in the Strait of Juan de Fuca off Port Angeles.

Goes to show just what kind of smorgasbord Washington offers for weather at times. Want 90s? There was Bremerton (90) and Spokane (99). Eighties? Seattle checked in at 88 as did many other spots in the Puget Sound region. Port Angeles hit 72 while Friday Harbor hit 78, and the coast spent much of the day in the 60s before dropping into the 50s in the evening.