Felix heater vs. Seattle heat, which will be greater?

Wednesday afternoon update: Well, well, well. Turns out Felix's fastball wasn't the story Wednesday as he tossed a perfect game. But for the record, according to, his fastest fastball was 96 mph. So there is the bar for Friday to reach.

As the temperatures soar in Seattle and Felix Hernandez gets ready to take the mound Wednesday night, it got me to thinking: I wonder what will end up greater this week? Seattle's high temperature on Friday (forecast to be the hottest day of the week) or Felix Hernandez' fastball against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Felix's fastball is usually 92-94 mph, maybe 95 but maybe with the warm weather already here Wednesday night perhaps it'll be a little faster.

Meanwhile, forecasted high temperatures in Seattle are expected to reach the mid 90s Thursday and Friday. You can cast your vote in the poll on our site and/or give your reasoning why in the comments below.

(As a second question, we can pose whether Portland might reach Stephen Pryor and his upper 90s/near 100 fastball territory)

The warm weather is courtesy of a building thermal trough and the east winds it'll bring, which warm as they sink and compress down the Cascade Mountains.

You can see this in action already Wednesday morning, as the east wind began blowing in Forks, and the temperature shot up from 61 to 79 in one hour between 9 and 10 a.m. and the 82 at the next hour as the winds went from calm to northeast gusting to 31 mph.

Port Angeles went from 68 to 78 in one hour as well as the winds shifted to the easterly direction. And even Bellingham got the toasty winds, going from 71 to 81 early in the morning as winds gusted to 30 mph.

It's just the beginning as the heat will build through the end of the week before finally cooling a bit through the weekend.