Clouds add some nuance to a Seattle sunrise and trip to Mt. Rainier

Photo of Seattle sunrise on July 11, 2013. (Photo: Jonathan Cooper)

Clouds might be a nuisance to those trying to soak up some sun, but they can also help make some artistic work of Northwestern skies.

While much of Seattle awoke Thursday morning to the usual gray marine layer, Jonathan Cooper was up early enough to catch the last sliver of clear skies before the overcast arrived.

"This was an amazing morning," he wrote to me. "The marine push was rolling in fast but it was clear back where it counted!"

"Thanks to Mother nature for her perfect timing."

The low marine layer sunrise was also captured on the cam:

It wasn't an overcast per se but just some clouds hovering around Mt. Rainier that made Toby Smith's hike up there over the 4th of July weekend pretty memorable.

But while those clouds provided some interesting time lapse video, they eventually blocked what was to be a great alignment of the Milky Way with the Mt. Rainier summit.

"It was cloudy, then clear, then right when the Milky Way would have been perfect, a heavy (and COLD) fog moved in," Smith wrote. You can still see the dramatic photos he captured before those pesky clouds moved in in the photo gallery above.