Cloud glimmers in iridescence over San Juan Islands

Photo ©Chris Teren

We haven't had rain in ages, but that doesn't mean we can't still figure out a way to sneak in a rainbow here an there.

Chris Teren too this photograph of iridescence on a cloud over Spieden Island on the afternoon of Sept. 10.

At first blush, I think this is a fire rainbow -- ice crystals reflecting sunlight into the colors of the rainbow. Hard to say for absolute sure as it's difficult to get the right perspective as where that rainbow is in reference to the other clouds around.

But I'm sure it's some sort of ice crystal-reflecting-sunlight around-type phenomenon.

Meteors and satellites light up sky too

Meanwhile, the dark skies have been putting on a show as well. Rocky Rabell sent me two photos of two flashes in the nighttime sky -- one manmade, the other natural.

First, this is a photo from a lingering Perseid Meteor:

Second is a flash from the Iriduim 58 satellite.

It's a satellite with a solar panel that occasionally reflects sunlight enough to be seen from the ground.

Now, people have been able to time them and publish when you can see the flashes. Here is more info on Iridium 58